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This book is about the mysterious Old Testament prophecy for-shadowing Jesus Christ. This book explains how Old Testament characters prophesied by living out events in their lives that were similar to events in Jesus' life.

This book covers the following topics:

  • Jesus wanted to show signs to more generations than just the one of his visitation.
  • The sign of Jonah is a gateway to understanding the prophecy of Jesus that is not in words.
  • I explain how to use a process of elimination to arrive at evidentiary conclusions.
  • I explain how to rule out the theories of coincidence or that Jesus was an imposter.
  • The hardness of Jews of the religion of Judaism towards Jesus provides important evidence that proves the Old Testament was written before the New Testament.
  • There are 2 types of prophecy: prophetic statements and prophetic experiences.
  • I have identified 11 Old Testament characters who prophesied about Jesus through prophetic experiences, not words.
  • I explain the mysteries in prophetic statements that are in the Old Testament.
  • I explain how faith is evidence and substance (not just wishful thinking).
  • I recount God's amazing answer to my prayer concerning roll playing (prophetic experiences) prophecy.
  • This book is about some of the most powerful evidence that shows that Jesus Christ is the savior!



This book is about the terms and conditions of both God's covenants. I explain the difference between God's inheritance (unconditional-promise) covenant with Abraham, that included his seed; and the (conditional-law) covenant God established with the 12 tribes of Israel in the Sinai desert.

I explain how God's promise covenant with Abraham and his seed was not established with all the Israelites; as they all are not the singular "seed" of the covenant.

I explain how Christians may become heirs and partakers of the promise covenant.

I explain how both covenants are eternal and that the Arabs do not have legitimate claims to the land God assigned to the 12 tribes of Israel.

This book covers the following topics:

  • A promise by definition is an unconditional guarantee.
  • Failure to obey God's laws can't nullify the promise covenant.
  • The conditioned diasporas of the law covenant were not permanent and now the Israelites final state of permanent return has occurred according to scriptures.
  • I explain the plural miss-interpretation of the word seed in God's promise covenant.
  • Bible translators caused confusion by their inconsistency in translating the Hebrew word zera and the Greek word spermati. They translated the same word into different words; or a singular word into a plural word.
  • God used the plural miss-interpretation of the word seed" to prevent Jews from distinguishing different covenants.
  • God's promise covenant, based on faith in the "seed," was established then hid by the law (a seperate law covenant) until the time for it to be revealed.
  • Christians become the "seed" of the promise covenant spoken to Abraham by being united (one - in Christ) with the "seed" of Abraham (Jesus).
  • I explain the curse of the law: Christ fulfilled the law for us and freed us from its curse.
  • I explain the ramifications of the promise covenant being an inheritance.
  • God speaks in the Old Testament of being pierced: indicating he is Jesus.
  • I explain what God's laws were intended to accomplish and what they were not meant to achieve.

Galatians 3:15-18 Brothers, let me take an example from everyday life. Just as no one can set aside or add to a human covenant that has been duly established, so it is in this case. The promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. The Scripture does not say "and to seeds," meaning many people, but "and to your seed," meaning one person, who is Christ. What I mean is this: The law, introduced 430 years later, does not set aside the covenant previously established by God and thus do away with the promise. For if the inheritance depends on the law, then it no longer depends on a promise; but God in his grace gave it to Abraham through a promise.



This book is about how salvation is obtained and what part faith, obedience, works and fruitfulness have in a Christian's life.

I explain the paradox of not continuing in sin yet not being without sin. I debunk the false teachings of legalism and perfectionism.

I discuss the importance of not putting the cart before the horse when it comes to understanding Christian principals.

This book covers the following topics:

  • Salvation is a gift, by grace only; by the sacrificial atonement of Jesus Christ, which is received through faith.
  • Scriptures show that the concepts of salvation by grace, and earning salvation, can't be mixed.
  • I point out the impossibility of maintaining a perpetual state of repentance.
  • There's a difference between aiming at perfection, which is a command; and achieving perfection, which is impossible.
  • There are 2 types of slavery: captive and voluntary.
  • I explain the meaning of "slavery to sin."
  • I explain how Fruitfulness is a result of being a Christian, not a requirement.
  • "Faith without works is dead" means that it's already dead, not that it's kept alive by works. If I said that trees without fruit are probably dead, does that mean fruit keeps trees alive?
  • Works are evidence and a by-product of living faith, not the visa versa.
  • Faith is "not of ourselves but the gift of God" and can't be earned.
  • I explain how faith is acquired and how it is kept growing by our union with God.
  • We should consider works when evaluating whether we are saved but not when we are considering how to be saved.



This book is about pre-destination with free will and choice that follow but do not determine destiny.

It is about the rights of the creator to create vessels for different purposes.

I explain how having a perspective that includes belief in pre-destination can lead to a better understanding that the Bible is mysterious and that God's teachings are hidden in it.

I explain how most Christians non-acceptance of pre-destination leads them to over simplify God's word and not search for hidden mysteries.

This book covers the following topics:

  • I explain a creators rights to create vessels to accomplish the purposes desired by the creator whether noble or ignoble.
  • I explain how pre-destination is fair because God has the right to punish people for their disobedience and forgive those he chooses to pardon.
  • I explain about the culpability conflict that prevents people from accepting pre-destination.
  • I explain how the belief that people are completely culpable for their own salvation leads to belief in equal opportunity which in turn leads to a view that the Bible is not difficult or secretive which isn't true.
  • I explain how Believing that God's word is secretive will prompt Christians to search for and find hidden lessons and prohecy in the Bible.
  • Jesus spoke in parables to hide things from those not (given) understanding.
  • I give examples of things deeply hidden in God's word.
  • I explain how pre-destination reinforces the principle that all things work for the good because God begins his purposes and ministry in people even before they believe or except him.
  • I point to the Scriptures that proof-text pre-destination.
  • Christians are allegorical to clay vessels created for noble purposes in Paul's teaching about pre-destination.
  • Pre-destination and God's foreknowledge are mentioned in the same passage of scripture so that we will know that God planned out our whole lives in advance; not so that we would think we could determine our destiny.
  • A person can affirm (make sure their election) their destiny even though it can't be changed or determined. The Apostle Paul instructed us saying, "make sure your election."



This book is about the eternal security issue. I explain how if a person is ever a legitimate born again Christian then they will not be condemned after that. I explain how the Holy Spirit is a seal of salvation.

I debunk those who believe a person can lose their salvation by showing how they got their supporting scriptures out of context and I teach the context of those passages.

This book covers the following topics:

  • I explain the semantics of the eternal security issue.
  • The Holy Spirit is a seal of salvation.
  • Pre-destination means that salvation occurs at birth, not at the point of accepting or believing in Jesus; so once saved always saved is not valid, even though eternal security is valid.
  • I explain how pre-destination proves that people destined to heaven can't be lost.
  • I explain how the concept of loosing salvation conflicts with salvation by grace (Jesus' atonement on a cross at Calvary). I explain that we are not saved by works; However, confidence in destiny is helped by works, and confession is part of accepting grace.
  • I review Scriptures that are taken out of context by those who try to proof-text that a person can loose their salvation, and explain the context of those passages and show the real meaning of them.
  • A person can't repent after "falling away:" (see the 6th chapter of Hebrews) because of their denial (forsaking the assembly of Christians and insulting Jesus by sacrificing animals after receiving knowledge of him), not because of sin.
  • It is a cycle of denial, not a cycle of sin that would hypothetically seperate a person from God's blessing; and make repentance impossible, because it would be like re-crucifying Christ.
  • A "Born Again," "Spirit Filled," Christian; would not deny Christ (forsake the assembly of Christians), or insult Jesus with animal sacrifice.
  • Sin is not denial, but it is dangerous because it can lead to denial.
  • A person that would deny and insult Christ was never really a legitimate (chosen by God) Christian in the first place.
  • Scriptures show that God will continue what he began in a person.
  • Works don't save a person but they give evidence, and confidence of salvation.
  • Experiences can help provide confidence of salvation.
  • Fruitfulness (evidence of Godly virtues in you) can help provide confidence of salvation.
  • Effort or how much you seek God can help provide confidence of salvation, but not salvation itself.
  • Confession can help provide confidence of salvation and is part of accepting the atonement of Jesus Christ.
  • Failure to attend Church services could be associated with denial and prevent confidence of salvation in those who are not in denial.
  • I recount the story of God's amazing answer to my prayer concerning the issue of eternal security.



These stories are the truthful recounting of my miraculous time traveling journeys that I experienced throughout my life.

While I was on these journeys I rarely realized that I had traveled backward or forward in time or that I had been transported by God to different locations.

A few times I did realize that I was experiencing time traveling miracles but afterward I think God removed all or part of the experiences from my memory until I was 52 years old.

When I was 52 I asked God to restore my memory after I made a vow to God whereby I promised to stop something that I thought may have harmed my memory.

Here is a list of some of my incredibly miraculous journeys:

  • I prayed asking God to use me to end the separation (segregation) between black and white Churches (Christians) when I was 7 years old. I didn't remember at that time God had already made me childhood friends with Martin Luther King Junior and our altercation that taught us a lesson about love and against violence.
  • God transported me back through time and space many times to where Noah lived and I was a ceremonial builder of Noah's Ark.
  • I helped chop down George Washington's Cherry Tree.
  • I went back in time to the year 1866 to Canada where a lumberjack named Sandy Gray lost his life breaking a log jam.
  • I went back in time to the arranged train collision near Waco Texas in 1896 called the Crash at Crush.
  • On November 22, 1963 I was transported by God to Dallas Texas where I witnessed the Kennedy Assassination.
  • God sent me to the Kennedy Home just before World War 2 where I met and made friends with JFK's sister Rosemary. I learned too many Kennedy secrets and Joseph had his son Jack (I didnt know Jack and John were the same person at that time) kidnap me at gunpoint. I was turned over to men who drove me to a private sanitarium and the same doctor (Walter Freeman) that had just performed a labotomy on Rosemary operated on the back of my brain. I think they were trying to destroy my memories because I did not get a labotomy which is to the front of the brain. I had overheard Joseph Kennedy speaking with diplomats (he introduced them earlier as German diplomats) and we got into a heated argument when I warned them about persecuting Jews. I didn't know that they were Nazi diplomats at the time, and one of them questioned me saying, "Didn't the Jews have Jesus killed"? I told him no, and that Jesus gave his own life. I also reminded him that Jesus and all the Disciples are Jews. Rosemary told me that she overheard her parents plotting to do something bad to her. She told me that if something bad happened to her and they (her parents) try to say it was an accident not to believe them. When her dad tried to tell me it was an accident I said, "No it wasn't" and told him what Rosemary told me. He took me to see Rosemary and she couldn't even look at me. She was laying on the bed convulsing and looking straight up. When I went back to the future my mom saw the hole in the back of my head and took me to the doctor who told her it looked like an ice pick wound. My mom grew my hair out long to cover the wound and that's why I looked like a girl on the morning of the assassination.
  • I went on many journeys over a 2-year period when I was sent back in time to Amsterdam during World War 2 where I met Anne Frank and her betrayer.
  • I went forward in time from about 1964 to 1999 to Prospect Heights in Brooklin where I witnessed Amy Watkins confess belief in Jesus Christ while she laid dying from a stab wound to her heart through her back by a purse snatcher.
  • Before the Christiana Riot (resistance) I witnessed slave hunting Deputy U.S. Marshal Henry H. Kline and nephew murder a free black man named Abraham Johnson to eliminate his knowledge of the nephew's theft of grain at the Edward Gorsuch farm which I also witnessed.
  • I was at the Christiana Riot (the slavery resistance incident that occured on 9/11/1851 at the home of Willie Parker) and spent an extended period of time living in the past with escaped slave Willie Parker and his wife Eliza. After the riot, I made the (underground railroad) treck with Willie to the home of Frederick Douglass then to the Buxton settlement in Canada.
  • I had experiences with Abraham Lincoln and with some of the people involved in his assassination. I helped Jesus build Abraham Lincoln's Log Cabin. I spoke to Abraham Lincoln in Ford's Theatre and warned him about John Wilkes Booth. President Lincoln said that he could not change history and accepted his fate with great faith. I witnessed Lincoln's Assassination and I saw Jesus kick and break Booth's leg after he jumped down on stage. I helped several of Lincoln's conspirators to repent after the assassination. I preached and prophesied at the tavern in Surrattsville on the night of Lincoln's Assassination.
  • Jesus hired me to mow a lawn in 1971 and I followed his map to the house where I now live and I saw many things from the future including my future or possible future self.
  • I went on a miraculous journey to the Casino Fire in Montreux Switzerland in 1971.
  • I met several celebrities while on miraculous adventures including: The Judds (Diana who was renamed Naomi, Christina who was renamed Wynonna and Ashley) - Sisters Loretta Webb and Brenda Gail (Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle) - Stevie Ray Vaughan (blues guitar player) - Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys) - Members of the rock band Deep Purple.
  • In 1980 I flew on a McDonnell Douglas DC-10 jet with only the Wright Brothers and myself as passengers.
  • I preached and prophecied to Confederate Colonel John Singleton Mosby and his soldiers.

Here are the introductions with the links to my truthful recounting of my journeys:


This is the true recounting of my miraculous journey to Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Most people who were alive at the time of the assassination can tell you where they were when it happened; However, I can tell you about 2 places that I was at; at the same time; when it happened. I was in a 2nd grade classroom in Golden Colorado with my head nodding off towards sleep. I was also on the steps of the Grassy Knoll sidewalk. I was about 10 feet away from the President's blown apart head, when his limousine passed by me.

My mom wrote a note to excuse me for being late to school in Golden Colorado on the morning of the assassination.

I remember reaching into my pocket at school and trying to find the note, so that I could give it to the women at the school's front desk, but it was not in my pocket.

I also remember throwing the note onto the Grassy Knoll; thinking I wouldn't need it; since I had run away from the school grounds because I didn't want to go to school looking like a girl.

I remember reading on-line that on the day of the assassination, the FBI found a tardyness excuss note signed by Mrs. Montague, on the grassy knoll.

I was sent by God on quite an adventure, while I was nodding off briefly, at my school desk.



This is the true recounting of my miraculous journeys to Amsterdam.

When I was 8 years old I noticed a difference between the way my home city (Northglenn Colorado) looked on one side of a tall wall and the way it looked on the other side of the wall. I was in a modern, American looking city on one side of a wall, but when I walked around the end of the wall it looked different. On the other side it looked like an older city; with buildings close together, that had steeper roofs and so many canals, that it amazed me.

I thought I was in an older but incredible area of Northglenn Colorado during these journeys, but I was in Amsterdam Holland during World War 2.

I didn't know at that time that I had miraculously traveled through time and space. I thought I was in Northglen the whole time.

I assumed the men dressed like Nazi soldiers were on their way to make a movie.

I assumed the numerous contrails that I saw in the sky were the result of living near Lowry Air Force Base.

The Lord lured me into the building that Anne Frank hid from the Nazis, by changing its appearance. In my vision, it looked like a church with steps leading up to the next floor above ground level, until I got inside of it.

Once inside the building it looked just as it did when I took the virtual tour on-line at http://www.annefrank.org/secretannex. It was incredible to revisit on-line, a place that I have never visited without miraculous help.

Anne Frank told me that she would write to me in her diary, but she told me that she didn't want to use my real name. She looked closely at me for a while, searching my face for something to call me; then she said: "I know; you have eyes like a cat, so I'm going to call you Kitty!"

Most of the entries in Anne's diary begin with the greeting: Dear Kitty!

I can also read in her diary about something I did while I was in her building. Here's a hint; A burglar wouldn't need to move the nick-nack figurines from around the clock, if he was taller than a 8 year old boy; because if he was tall enough (just about any grown man), he could just lift the clock off the mantle without touching the nick-nacks!

I know that it was a staged (not for selfish gain) burglary, so that the people hiding wouldn't fear that what they heard from beyond the bookcase related to them. A man named Karl told me that knowing the truth would only scare them, and that they would not be able to re-locate, even if they knew about the danger they were in!

When I suggested to Karl that we could take the clock, he told me that it was too expensive, and he already had an overhead projector waiting to be taken by the front door.



This is the true recounting of my miraculous journey to Montreux Switzerland in 1971.

One night I was very upset after a former girlfriend put an egg in the gas tank of my motorcycle. I went to sleep crying, "God help me."

I woke up in the back seat of a muscle car on a peninsula in Montreux Switzerland, but I thought I was within driving distance of Dallas Texas where I went to sleep.

I got out and started to look around when the driver of the car put his hand on my shoulder.

He asked me: "What do you think of this place?"

I said: "Well the water and this round area of land look good but how did I get here?"

He pointed to the car!

I said, "I don't remember anything."

He said: "Well, you slept the whole way."

Then I replied: "Yeah, but I don't even remember getting in the car. What happened? Did you carry me from my bed to the car while I was asleep?"

He shook his head up and down and said, "Yes!"